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AA Breakdown Cover

AA is one of the best breakdown cover provider in UK, it offers a wide range of breakdown covers by delivering best quality services at a competitive price. It roadside assistance service far better than any other service provider in UK. Some of the reason why you choose AA as fallow:

  • It offers better quality breakdown cover services thats the only reason they are capable of fixing 8 out of 10 cars at the roadside
  • Repairs completed in less than 30 minutes on average
  • It’s a biggest organisation, so every 9 seconds someone is rescued by AA
  • Defaqto which is independent survey organisation has awarded AA 5 star ranking
  • Free cover against household emergencies for 6 months
Breakdown Cover

Different Types of Covers

Breakdown Repair cover:This policy covers up to 4 vehicles with maximum 5 claims a year. This covers starts from £5.40 per month

Home Start Cover: This cover gives you roadside + home start cover just for £98.99 a year.

Joint Cover: This cover is for two people as a driver or passenger driving in any eligible vehicle worth £78.99 per annum.

Family Cover: This cover is for three people living at the same address in any eligible vehicle worth £125 per year or £124.99 monthly.

Family cover for four: This particular cover is for the four people living at the same address in any eligible vehicle £124.99 or £12.50 monthly.

Other Special Offers
  • Roadside cover for any car starting at just £38.99
  • AA provides roadside cover for any car including cover at home starting at just £139.99.
  • It provides roadside cover for any eligible car including cover at home and national recovery starting at just £125.
  • Get a free £25 voucher with each £100 or more spend on cover.

Member Offers
Discount up to 50% on festive wines: Members can avail the discount up to 50% on 12 bottle celebratory case of wines for just £49.99. Members can get the discount up to 40% on different tyres, at over 210 fitting station throughout UK.

Relay - Relay means if your car have a major problem and can’t be fixed quickly or easily then roadside assistance will take you to the nearest suitable repairer even you are far away from home, by adding relay you can save more money as private tow cost so high as compare to relay. After adding relay your vehicle and up to seven passenger are taken to home or to any destination of your choice anywhere on UK mainland.

Home Start - If your car breaks down at or within half mile from your home so you can call us or book us to come and fix your car at your home which can be more comfortable for you and its cost around £80 per year including roadside assistance.

Onward Travel Options - It provides you a backup travel alternative if your car has been broke down and you can have a wide choice to choose from like car hire, public transport and moreover its help in providing overnight accommodation and it cost around £45.51 per year.

European Breakdown Cover - Up to 30% off while purchasing online and get additional discount of 10% for AA existing members.

Benefits of European Breakdown Cover
Breaking down abroad without cover might be much expensive and recovery to the UK alone from Europe could cost much higher to avoid this kind of expense during abroad you can choose AA European Breakdown Cover and enjoy lots of benefits as follow,

  • 24 hour English speaking helpline.
  • Providing Towing and emergency roadside repair facility in over 40 European countries.
  • AA helps you out by providing emergency accommodation while waiting for the repair work to be completed.
  • If vehicle can’t be repaired abroad than it provides the recovery to UK at current market value of vehicle.
  • It provides alternative transport facility which allows you to continue your journey or to get home.
  • AA provides you legal protection- up to £75,000 for representation on vehicle accident claims or motoring offences.
  • Location of right hand drive parts (excluding cost of parts).

Various Types of Cover Policy
We offer various kinds of European Breakdown Cover policies according to preference of the customers. It depends on the need of our customers, so here are European breakdown policies which allows you to choose from,

Single Trip Policies
Single Trip Cover - This kind of policy covers your vehicle for the duration of your trip or stay in Europe. This vehicle cover allows time duration of 365 days.

Single Trip Group Cover - This covers maximum 9 to 15 people which include the driver and infants. Extra money will charge in case you are towing trailer or a caravan.

Annual Policies :
Annual Multi-Trip Cover - This policy helps out to covers a person in any eligible vehicle and provides 12 months multi trip cover for an unlimited number of motoring trips abroad, and each individual trip must be within year and can’t be exceed 90 days. With this cover you are free to make three claims per year.

Annual Long Stay Cover - This is a policy which covers a person in any vehicle and it allows 12 months multi trip cover for an unlimited number of motoring trips abroad. An individual trip limit is extended from 90 to 350 days. It allows you to make maximum three claims per annum.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Offers
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