Breakdown Offers

Saga European Breakdown Cover

Saga Breakdown Assistance gives drivers aged 50 and over wide-ranging vehicle breakdown at competitive rates.

Breakdown Cover

With a choice of five cover levels, from standard roadside assistance to a comprehensive Europe-wide rescue service, Saga Breakdown Assistance is designed to provide the reassurance you need - whether it's far from home or on your doorstep, and whether you are on your way to see friends, on holiday, or simply on a routine trip to the shops.

Summary Of Cover
Main Policy Features Essential Home Call National Recovery Comprehensive Premier
Roadside repair - cover provided whenever you are at least 1/4 of a mile from home, and you only pay the costs of any parts fitted. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Puncture repair- assistance if you have a punctured tyre on your car, or on your caravan/trailer when you are towing. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recovery - recovery of your car, the driver and up to five passengers to the nearest garage within 10 miles of an insured incident, if required. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
National Recovery - recovery (as above) but to anywhere in the UK. We will take your car to your home or a garage of your choice within 10 miles of your destination. No No Yes Yes Yes
Home-Call - assistance following an accident, breakdown or vandalism occuring at home or within 1/4 of a mile of your home. No Yes No Yes Yes
Driver Care - we will give you a hire car or overnight accommodation if you cannot use your car. No No No Yes Yes
European Cover - for vehicles up to 16 years old. No No No No Yes
Holiday Departure Cover - if you are going on holiday, cover to get you to your departure point and recover your car, for vehicles up to 16 years old. No No No No Yes
Additional Cover Options
Personal Cover - cover for you and your spouse/partner (or nominated driver aged 50 or over residing at the same address) to drive any other car in the UK. Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Additional Vehicle Cover - cover for each additional vehicle at the same address (maximum three). Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Offers
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